Houston is one of our nation’s most populous cities and unfortunately has one of the largest homeless populations. With all efforts in place to assist Houston’s homeless population, the number of these individuals is steadily on the rise. Imagine being able to assist with this growing issue.

Promulgate is a 501c3 nonprofit organization built on 3 principles: community service, social development and unity. Over the last few years, Promulgate has serviced the homeless population, bringing together volunteers from different walks of life with one goal in mind: to help the homeless. Promulgate’s mission is to give back to those in need; raising the morale and nourishing the mind, body and spirit with food and words of wisdom.

As our organization continues to grow, not only do we strive to create awareness but decrease the homeless population in Houston by helping individuals become a productive people in society.

Yasin Shahid

Donations will be use to fund feeding and communtiy Photos throughtout the year. Should you wish to assist our organization by donating or would like to know more about Promulgate, please visit us online at www.houstonpromulgate.org You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.